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Customizing Shipping Containers for Events 

Mountain Dew did an ambitious event using customized Shipping containers for their “Do The Dew” event. In this event, 2 x 40 footer shipping containers are designed and built to safely house 30 full size mountain bikes  to be ridden while the containers are being moved between locations. 

This project took approximately 15 days from concept to delivery. It used a total of 4 air conditioners, 4 ventilation fans, 8 wall fans, 4 air curtains, 20 LED ceiling lights, more than 500 square feet of safety padding, 2 generators with combined power of more than 60kva to complete. We also carpeted the unit and painted it.

With safety as the main concern in mind, the interior was built using 1 ½ inch foam padding and its fully equiped with safety handle bars every 2 feet. Quality ladder system was implemented and fire extinguishers were added for fire hazard safety.

The exterior was made with rugged ook in mind and it was painted matte back. Iron pipes were welded around the containers as holding point for large banners. The back door was made to be hidden so that more banners/stickers could be put for maximum marketing exposure.

When it was delivered, it was further wrapped with Mountain Dew Banner and poster on the side and at the rear door. All of which properly done up within a day.

We believe shipping containers are versatile and the sky is the limit. If you have any whacky ideas, please send us an enquiry at


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